This is our hero and our critical mission.

This is our underserved population. ER Docs and staff.

Without them, we can’t manage Covid-19.

Charul Haugan is a local triangle ER doc (aka rockstar #baferd) who is strong, brilliant and one of the most perseverant humans Day One Disaster Relief has met. She has greater good of all the doctors’ safety in her mission and we can’t wait until this virus gets contained so we can tell you the whole story! Currently, we are all still writing it.

Our doctors and frontline healthworkers NEED N95 masks and PPE now.

NC is only in the beginning of what an outbreak of Covid-19 outbreak looks like.

Day One Disaster Relief’s mission right now is to procure large amounts (meaning a 747 plane full) of masks.

We have learned throughout this process of facilitating the procurement of masks and PPE that we, as an NGO, have the capacity to move laterally which is more efficient.

Saving time saves lives and there is NO other way around it.

It’s like Florence but, with masks.

The PPE mask market is just criminal. Fullstop.

WE wish hospitals understood that their most valuable asset is their frontline healthcare workers.

WE wish people understood that making a quick million off of the safety of a doctor or nurse is evil.

We get calls everyday from doctors, rural Emergency Management, and, first responders telling us the same story- no masks, no PPE and terrified about what will happen when all the ER docs and first responders get sick.

Day One Disaster Relief is focusing on ethical procurement of PPE and N95 masks to help hospitals not get ripped off, get them in a timely manner and to make them understand the urgency of getting supplies NOW.

The reality is- we need to get supplies into hospitals so that we can then focus on the rest of the essential employees who need PPE and masks as well. IE- farmworkers. If one person gets coronavirus, the whole camp could go down and then we potentially lose our local food supply.

ER Doctor