Rapid Response to COVID-19 in North Carolina

Drive through SARS-CoV-2 (let’s call it by its real scary name) aka COVID-19 aka Coronavirus drive through testing begins TODAY.

You need a prescription for this test from your doctor. Do not overwhelm these centers with “drop-ins”.

Day One spent yesterday facilitating the development of rapidly designed ventilators. If any of my friends want to help with this project, please PM me.

Why did we do this? We can now say because it’s more public knowledge, WE DON’T HAVE ANY.

We don’t have any in North Carolina that are available. There are none across the country that are available.

We also don’t have enough rooms or beds for anyone.

We also don’t have enough N95 masks. My organization received a very small donation of them (about 500) and we a giving them directly to doctors who are working on the frontlines in NC. (aka the ER)

They have a short supply. A very scary and very humbling short supply. This is why I drove so far last week. I knew the masks were running out and I knew where a couple hundred of them were.

If you have a stockpile of masks and are having an ethical change of heart- please
email our director at jil@dayonedisasterrelief and we can arrange pickup or, if you live in another state, we will connect you to the proper channels.

Our doctors need to be safe. Our nurses need to be safe. The most critical direct need is for them to be able to not get sick and to be able to have the proper protective gear for the initial surge.

We know for a lot of people the virus “just got real” in terms of your understanding and scope.

Doctors have been watching this unfold as they have been watching their protective gear supply dwindle.

Day One Disaster Relief needs your hoarded supply of masks.

N95 masks and Max Pro Air Systems are needed. If any of you know companies in RTP that have clean rooms or labs and are willing to donate to the hospitals, please get in contact.

Please consider donating to our fund. By contributing to our response efforts, we can make efficient life-saving decisions.