Our Story

Through strong community relationships, Day One Relief serves disaster-impacted populations. Since each disaster is unique, a relief solution that is predictable, repeatable and systematic in nature has been identified as what’s needed to make an improved impact.

Day One Relief was founded in September 2018, during Hurricane Florence, in order to rapidly source and deliver supplies via air and road to those affected by the storm. Our formation came as a result of our efforts spearheading the rapid response at the TAC AIR terminal at RDU. We brought together volunteer pilots and NGOs who have been on the ground in eastern NC, some for 45+ years. We raised the supply and engaged the community, resulting in 1500 volunteers throughout the week.

Because of our experience at RDU, we realized the need to create a decentralized, collaborative disaster relief organization to facilitate volunteer, NGO, donor, and government coordination during a rapid disaster response – specifically focusing on communities that are often neglected or poorly reached during large disasters. (i.e. farmworkers and migrant laborers, impoverished, frontline, people of color, and under-resourced communities)

Our structure allows us to effectively and efficiently work with the smaller, local NGOs who have deep relationships with their communities and often grow into supply distribution and community support roles in the wake of a disaster. We have a network of trusted relationships across our state which is ever-expanding. Day One Relief partners with these organizations to provide rapid response aid and long term relief.